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Project Description
Lets you perform Helmert (7 - parameter) Transforms, convert to and from Transverse Mercator projections (UTM) and provides simple methods for conversions between the WGS84 (latitude/longitude) and GGRS87 (Greek Grid) systems.
Free to download and distribute.

For .NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone
(can use Geocoordinates for WP7)

eg. of use

//performs a Transverse Mercator projection with a 500000m false easting and the 24 meridian as centre
var UTM = new WGS84(38,24).TransverseMercator(0.9996, 500000, 0, 24);

//unprojects coordinates in UTM back to WGS84
var wgs = UTM.UnprojectToWGS(0.9996, 500000, 0, 24);

//convert greek coordinates to latitude/longitude
var location = GreekGrid.GreekToWorld(481000,42106000);

//gets current location of phone in greek system from GPS (in watcher_PositionChanged)
var greeklocation = GreekGrid.WorldToGreek(e.Position.Location);

//performs a Helmert Transform on a WGS84 coordinate
var coordinate = new WGS84(38,24).HelmertTransform(199.723, -74.03, -246.018, 1, 0, 0, 0).coordinate;

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